About Us

Nowadays millions of people all over the world invest funds in the financial market. It stands to reason that all investors are guided by various kinds of information for making decisions as to buying or selling the financial tool.

When making that decision many of them orient to the economic situation in the world, current political issues, natural phenomena and other public events. Other traders use technical analysis creating complex mathematical formula for defining the «entrance point» in the trade. Many successful traders are willing to share their thoughts as to the market and occasionally provide clear instructions on the best way to enter the market. Such messages are called Trade Signals. A large number of professional analysts use Twitter as the way of making their clients trade signals on the profitable trades.

Project RadarFX.com has developed a unique technology that finds and analyses most of the trade signals in the social network Twitter and in the real time shows a synthesis of analysts' views. The data about this synthesis are then compared to the chart of the real market so the received information by itself becomes the tool for making a trade decision. Apart from displaying the public opinion chart, the site continually informs about the percentage arrangement of forces between «buying» and «selling» as well as publishing the quotes of all analysts. Such information serves a signal heralding the change of the trading trend.

In addition to the stated above analytical tools and technologies, it must be mentioned that RadarFX.com conducts the comparative analysis of the financial analysts, calculates the profitable trades and provides an objective success rate.

The developers of RadarFX.com understand that the price in the market is formed by means of market participants' opinions, that is why we develop the technologies for the analysis of the public opinion with the help of independent and objectively functioning technologies. All the information provided by RadarFX.com is generated on the basis of public opinion. The participants of the project, that is engineers, linguists, mathematicians and analysts, work daily on the development of a sensitive analytical tool which will help the traider in monitoring the financial market trends and, as a consequence, in maximizing their profit.

RadarFX.com is a modern trade way in the financial market.